Directorix™ is the interactive navigation system

it was created for serving large public facilities – from city or region to several buildings or plan of a building.

Navigation as «Turn key» solution

Our basic offer includes hardware, software and services. We offer interactive kiosks with client software and OS customization, central content management server, content-cached servers as well as initial installation and after sales support services.

Navigation as boxed software

If it is required, we offer Directorix™ as boxed software for existing or available hardware. The offer contains client licenses and central management server and some times content-cached servers.

Supplementary services for navigation

We always offer supplementary services for adaptation of our standardized boxed solutions. We can change, replace or evolve existing hardware, we offer graphic design services as well as technical support and after sales support services.

Interactive navigation system can be used with several hardware equipment as follows below:

Tilt kiosks

Tilt kiosk

In-wall kiosks

Wall mount kiosk

Embedded kiosks

Embedded kiosk

Free standing kiosks

free standing kiosk

Modern navigation

Signage in modern cities

Signage in modern cities is the important factor of comfort. “Strayed” visitor is not only the loyalty decrease factor for city of building (shop), but it can be the factor of difficulties in business.

In most cases, customer pays for everything! Caring about customers and visitors comfort is the most important task for all management companies, which take care of building or responsible for region as well as for cities administrations.

We have a solution. Digital signage helps in navigation

In 2009 «Initium» company created a complete navigation system for public facilities. Starting from 2010, Liatoss Sarl offers systems of “Initium Ltd.” in Europe and in Switzerland. Typical signage systems relies on a number of basic and traditional elements (lightening labels, signage labels, large paper based panels etc) why we offer modern and convenient way based on interactivity to show plans and directions, list of companies, infrastructural objects (elevators, towlets, ATM(s) etc) with abilities to quickly find everything what visitor needs by using browse, search and associative search methods. Information can be shown on native language for visitor and it is up to date. By now, Directorix™ systems is the number 1 in Russia and very popular in different countries across the globe.

Our experience

From the moment of the first installation back in 2009, we grow in experience of how signage systems can be evolved, we made a lot of analysis in GUI usability with different people from different ages and with different habits as well as with disabled people. Based on the real hands on experience of the system use, there were developed different ways how to manage people streams and grow in customer satisfaction with up to date information and with convenient and easy understandable signage system.

Join us in the journey of signage and navigation systems evolving! Contact us Today!

A propos

Liatoss Sarl - Votre toile technologique, en coopération avec Initium Ltd., vous offre une solution nouvelle et unique sur le marché Suisse. Liatoss Sarl fabrique, vend les produit interactifs et on assure le support. Initium Ltd développe et améliore la plate-forme de navigation et de communication intelligente. Les deux sociétés fournissent des services de conception graphique.

Platform Vendor

Initium Ltd.
Business Center "Rumyncevo"
142784 Moscow City
Russian Federation
P: +7 (495) 847.69.80

Swiss Integrator

Liatoss Sarl
Ch. Vert 9 c/o Appoint Conseils
1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey
P: +41 (21) 552.07.20